Congestion Management Process Atlas

The CMP Atlas (PDF), a companion document to recently released A Profile in Congestion: The 30 Most Congested Corridor in the Albuquerque Metropolitan Area, provides a range of detailed transportation and congestion data for each segment of the 30 corridors that comprise the Congestion Management Process (CMP) Congested Corridor Network. While the Profile document indicates the corridors and locations with the greatest congestion, the CMP Atlas identifies the source of that congestion by indicating whether the corridor experiences high traffic volumes, low speeds, or high numbers of traffic incidents (measured in crash rates).

The Atlas is available for local governments to use in local plans and studies, and as a project development tool for assessing the locations with the most urgent needs. Data contained in the CMP Atlas will also be used for evaluation in the Project Prioritization Process.

View CMP Definitions and Methodology (PDF).


The CMP Atlas features the following data for each corridor:

  • Access Characteristics
  • Corridor Profile
  • Crash Rates
  • Speed Differential
  • Travel Time and Delay
  • Volume (current and historical)
  • Volume-to-Capacity Ratio

Individual Corridor Profiles