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"Betatron Electronics has been fortunate to be able to partner with NM Workforce Connection to partially defray the costs of training our employees. This is an invaluable program that our company has used many times now. Training is costly, not only in the expense of classes, but also the time/payroll needed to complete the courses. There have been instances where we would not have been able to enroll in the classes without the assistance of this gracious program.

This latest training program has certified our employees in X-Ray operation. This will allow us to put a new process into operation. In turn we will now be able to bid on projects that require the specific operation. We firmly project that our sales volume and workload will increase and that will follow with the hiring of more highly trained personnel. Again, this could not have been possible without the cooperation of this program and the NM Workforce Connection. Thank you for your support."

Gary Gallegos, General Manager
Betatron Electronics

Miller Engineering Consultants

"Our company was able to start utilizing the software immediately after training. Upgrading the software was essential to a large percentage of our client base. The training and the training assistance that the NM Workforce Connection allowed our company to make a smooth transition. We received excellent service and excellent training."

Jana Miller
Miller Engineering Consultants

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"The WCCNM Customized Training Program makes it possible for Holman's, a local small business, to provide this type of training to its employees. It makes Holman's more competitive and stay apprised of the HP Design Jet product line. Our customers benefit as well as the business employees."

Tonja McMullan