Water Resources Board


The Water Resources Board (WRB) was established in 1998 by the MRCOG Board of Directors as a multi-governmental forum to coordinate water programs, conduct regional water planning, and to help resolve water management problems at local, regional, and state government levels.

The board serves as an advisory body to the MRCOG Board of Directors on water resource issues. In 2006, membership of the board was expanded to include the governments and various organizations involved in the development of the Estancia Basin Regional Water Plan. The WRB Bylaws were extensively revised, and WRB members are continually working to maintain a water planning partnership representing the Estancia Basin and Middle Rio Grande Water Planning Regions. These two regions have much to gain by working together on water policy issues and common problems of diminishing water resources, water quality protection, and improving water infrastructure.


The WRB is significantly involved in providing guidance and support for local water planning efforts to ensure continuity and cooperation in a region of shared resources. The potential for consolidation or collaboration of area-wide water systems is another priority within the water planning regions. Other activities of the WRB include assistance to local governments and water organizations in developing water conservation programs, emergency water shortage plans, and water infrastructure programming.